September 2015 Launch Report

The day started with clear skies but became increasingly overcast making it more difficult to track the rockets.  It was a warm (25°) but pleasant day for launching.  41 rockets were launched and four certification launch attempts.  The cows are back and came to visit early on but moved leaving their marks.

We seemed to have an unusually large number of visitors to view the proceedings. Petar and Ari were kept busy providing instruction on the wonders of rocketry.

The largest motor for the day was Ivan’s Level 2 rocket on a J380.  Not surprising he used this rocket for his successful Level 2 certification attempt.

Lily-Ana (with her rocket Destroying Angel) and Asher (Red) achieved their L1 certifications. Unfortunately, Bruce’s L1 attempt with his Black and Blue Goblin was not successful when it drifted in recovery mode for the western horizon and could not be recovered.

Mark launched an amazing array of rockets (6 in all) including a cone named Houston, we have a Problem closely followed by Lily-Ana with five.

Jack had some problems with his pesky copperhead igniters but managed to get the AMRAAM 2 aloft.



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