September 2013 Launch Report

It was a magnificent day for launching.  There was no wind, the temperature was pleasant and there was little cloud.  Rockets could be tracked easily by eye and there was little drift.  One might say it was ‘rocket heaven’.  Early on, the balloons were seen landing on the fields just about a kilometre away after their morning flights.

A relatively small crowd of members assembled for the day’s activities.  There was an even spread between low and high power rocket launches.  There were only 21 launches for the day but there were some interesting rockets and motors on display and there were a few maiden flights.  Ian launched his scratch built ‘micro’ (1:40 scale) V2.  It only weighed 600 grams but lifted to 600ft.  George launched his two-stage Red Dog.  These are complex rockets to prepare but it launched flawlessly.  Blake introduced us to his Cobra with pink propellant exhaust flame.  This is a first of pink colour motor exhaust to be launched in Australia.  Matt entertained everyone by introducing his flying Tardis (of Dr Who fame), complete with sound track.   Despite the poor aerodynamics, it lifted off and sailed to a creditable height much to the entertainment of the crowd.

The largest motor launched was a K360.  It lifted Larry’s Talon 3 to 4,200ft.  The sight and sound of the rockets with the larger motors is always thrilling.

We now have our sights set on the most important event on the calendar.  This is the ‘October Skies’ public launch on 13 October.  We hope to see as many members and visitors there as possible.

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