Presidents Report 09 Sep 2007

Good to see the new guys at this launch...our membership is slowly growing.
mikeibis made a heart stopper of a flight with his Mercury Atlas! Shocked I would hate to see this beautiful vintage rocket damaged (or as Mike put it 'put back into kit form').
Also saw another excellent display of pitch/roll coupling today (I forget which rocket it was though, as long as it wasn't mine!)
Sumos Viper IV rocket with instant ignition of all 4 E9 motors with the gnarliest Wink cluster harness I have ever seen (it worked well though!). Heres a run down!

Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Peter Scott Skylark Sustainer D12-7
Ari Piiraine Bullpup A8-3
Peter Scott Skylark Sustainer D12-7
Shane Blue Ninja D12-5
Ari Piirainen Canadian Arrow D12-5
Simon Viper IV 4 x E9-6
Mike Groth Mercury Atlas D12-6
L Groth Pipsqueek B6-4
Monique Szmek Pipsqueek B6-4
Simon Alpha D12-7
Simon Big Daddy D12-7
Mike Groth Shuttle/Boost D12-4
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger B6-4
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Ari Piirainen Stormcaster D12-5
Logan Groth AGM-12D C6-5
Logan Groth Crossfire C6-5
Monique Szmek Pipsqueek C6-5
L Groth Pipsqueek A8-5
Mike Groth Shuttle/Boost C6-3

A special thanx to Brian...I liked the way you handled the LCO position admirably to suit the low-power flights. Simple and effective. And also a thanx to Petar Nikolic and Lochy on the tracking posts...sterling job guys!

All up good wholesome family fun!

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