October Skies 2012 Launch Report

It was a magic day of rocketry today everyone !

Why : Weather couldn't have been better, no wind, blue skies and around +26C.

We had about a crowd of 300 people there, not as big as sometimes ( specially 2000+ as in July 2009) but a great crowd.

There are many new rocketeers that have joined QRS lately so there was no shortage of LPR action with MPR action also and lots of HPR !

Our Councilor for the area was there with her husband and all credit to her as she was not well at all, she still turned up.
I have naturally shared with her what we get up to at launches but actually being there was a real eye opener for her and her husband. They were stunned and impressed...really. Seeing the crowd also was something else and after introducing her to the public and how she has helped us she then shared on the mike about her thoughts.

When she pushed the button on the Intimidator 4 with Nic's donated K550W and it fired....she was awestruck..really. Both came with me to recover the rocket from a perfect launch.

Many, many great flights took place and two successful L2 attempts took place and I believe L1 also..fantastic !

it was a great day of rocketry indeed with a weather to match. Big thank you to all who helped with the set up and and putting all back again after launch. Thank you to all who volunteered in various duties as without you a launch like this simply can not happen !

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