October Skies 2010

Fact is that rockets were still launched and we ended up having a sausage sizzle beside the main road and for "non event" still had around 100+ people there.  

Scoop said "I came here to launch rockets" so he did and it was brilliant to see big Thor rip into the heavens on M power thus he has the bragging rights now for a first M launched at our launch site ! Thank's Scoop. 

Local councilors attended and were treated to M power and they were "blown away" + totally impressed. 

It was just after mid day when I left the launch site and Scoop, Mike and Wayne were still prepping to launch few more. The sad news is that Mike's stunning Thor is lost in action and also Wayne's Mongoose ! 

The launch is officially postponed till next Sunday. The set up will be done in the morning of the launch so all help will be much appreciated from 6am onwards. Thank's to Bruce for helping with "deliveries" with his 4x4 and all who assisted.


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