October 2017 Launch Report

Very warm and humid conditions, combined with the unfortunate re-scheduling of the event due to inclement weather saw smaller than usual crowds at our October Skies launch. Our Launch count was also below average with 27 member flights and an additional 20 Fly It Take It launches.

Motor ranges for the day were: 1xA (+20FITI), 7xB, 4xC, 5xD, 1xF, 2xG, 1xH, 1xI, 1xJ and 1xK.

Returning to us today was Gia and Hugo, who were the lucky winners of the “MFR Rocket Starter Kit” at our July Flames, Smoke & Noise Spectacular Launch. Only this time the MFR was a beautiful, fully assembled rocket with a lime green airframe and red fins! “Christmas Rocket” as it was named, flew perfectly to 400ft on a B6-4.

We also had a member reach a very special milestone today with Sarah Miller celebrating her 100th launch with QRS. Sarah launched her “Dark Star” to 1000ft on a G250 V-Max, landing only several metres from the launch rail. Congratulations Sarah!

The smallest flight of the launch was Samuel with his “Blood Missile” on an A8-5 to 200f and the largest was Rob with his “Dragon Fire” on a K360 to 4947ft (talk about scraping the ceiling!)

A big thanks to our volunteers tirelessly manning the barbeque and as always to those who help setup and pack up.

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