October 2016 Launch Report

A huge public launch day with launches continuing until after 1:00pm. The weather was perfect, the wind not picking up until late in the morning and the crowd didn't start thinning until lunch time with the final launch count finishing at 75.

Also a successful day for the Southern Cross Rocketry "Fly It, Take It" program with all 40 FITI rockets gone by 10:30am, Warren, Andrew & Phil flat chat dealing with junior rocketeers. Some bought more motors to fly again with total Low Power launches at 55 for the day.

The biggest launch of the day was David Bell's 1/2 scale Patriot Missile which flew on an M1830 to 4500 feet, a very spectacular flight made more so by again flying with "Lisa" who gave a real time commentary on speed, altitude, etc. Thanks for making the long trek up here again David.

There were also two K launches, Ari flew his "Intimidator 4" to 3500 feet on a K550, the motor kindly donated by Nic Lottering. Mark O'Donoghue also flew a K, his new rocket, "War Rocket Ajax" flying on a K675 to 4800 feet. There were also two J flights, two I flights and five H flights for a total of 12 high power launches.

There were also two successful certification flights during the morning. Ole Kirk achieved his Level 2 flying his "Hawk" to 3000 feet on a J285. Dex Fortescue attained his Level 1 flying a "Callisto"to 2500 feet on a H123. Congratulations to you both.

Probably the biggest advertised launch day we've had for a long while and based on positive feed back, enjoyed by everyone there.


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