October 2015 Launch Report

The October advertised open day launch attracted approximately 400 spectators.  There was a slight wind, some cloud cover with temperature about 28°C.

There were 50 launches for the morning including 16 Fly it, Take it launches.  on the following motors—21 x A, 2 x B, 6 x C, 2 x D, 1 x E, 2 x G, 6 x H, 5 x I, 1 x J, 1 x K, 1 x M.  There was one cluster and one water rocket.

Dave travelled from Sydney and launched his half scale Patriot on an M2250 to 4,500ft.  It was a spectacular launch.  Unfortunately the main parachute deployed early and the rocket drifted a little further than predicted.  Thanks Dave for coming all that way to showcase the Patriot..

Matt launched his Triple Fist on a three I170 motor cluster to 4,200ft for a perfect flight.

Larry received his traditional ‘L3 branding’ from ACO Blake after his successful L3 certification attempt in September at Enarra.  Congratulations, Larry.

He then launched his Drag Queen on an I280 sparky much to delight of the crowd.

Andrew launched his unusual looking Rapier on a K360.  It took some time to recover as it only used a single deploy parachute.

A team of students from Loganlea high school attended with their science teacher Tenille and launched a number of low power rockets.  They enjoyed the experience and will be back.

Rory won the rocket raffle at the July launch and was back to launch his prize rocket Baby Bertha.

Just for something different, Jeremy launched his water powered rocket to 300ft.

Warren’s Fly-it, Take-it program attracted 16 new flyers.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who attended and made the day’s program progress flawlessly.


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