November 2017 Launch Report

A small crowd was greeted by clear skies but moderate winds at the launch site. Despite the winds continuing through the morning a respectable number of launches were recorded: 16 low power, 7 mid power and 4 high power. Motors ranged from 1/2A through to an I212 in former "el presidente" Jeff's 'Callisto Revenge' for a perfect flight.

A number of Fly-It, Take-It launches were recorded that couldn't take place last month. Despite arriving approximately two minutes before the end of proceedings, most prolific launcher was again awarded to Mark with 6 flights in quick succession from 1/2A to D21.

Other notable flights were Nicholas sending up his "Pyongyang Express" on a G120 and the "HR Twinkletoes" on an H90 and Amelie flying her "Sniffer Seven" on a G80 then a G64. The scalded cat award goes to Blake flying his "Green With Envy" on a G75 metal storm motor.

Finally, the rocket gods were unhappy and demanded a rocket sacrifice be made to the corn fields: Matt's Viper III on 3 x F32 motors was happy to oblige... Keep your eyes peeled for pieces in your Weetbix...

See you next month for the December Christmas themed launch and AGM!

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