November 2016 Launch Report

Another great launch day, a slow start but ending up with 30 launches for the morning with 17 Low Power, 3 Medium Power, 6 High Power and and 4 water rocket launches.

Some of the highlights:

Warren's maiden flight of his retro "QRS Rocket" which was modeled on QRS's logo rocket. It had smoke canisters on the four fin tips which were air started at 50 feet once the central H225 had lifted the rocket off. These will be replaced by 4 motors once Warren has ironed the bugs out which should make for an interesting future flight.

Mark O'Donoghue also had a maiden flight of his new 6 foot tall, 8 inch diameter V2 called "War Rocket Ajax". It was a spectacular flight to 4500" with a 5 foot flame from the K675 Sparky.

Other interesting flights in the fast department were Ole's "Mini Hawk" flight on a J317 and Robbie Newtons "Cyclone" which flew on a F240 Vmax. The Vmax burn was so quick it was like a loud cough.

So, in spite of the ridiculous humidity from the recent storms, it was another great launch day.

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