November 2014 Launch Report

The November launch was conducted under clear blue skies with no wind and temperature around reaching 30°C. It was perfect launch conditions.

There were 37 launches from B to I power motors including one two-stage and one cluster launch.

Miranda launched her Blue Jay in celebration of her recent 11th birthday.  Warren launched his scratchbuilt ‘soda-bottle’ rocket Screaming Soda on an E22 to 550ft.  The first flight suffered early separation as the heavy nose cone self-ejected at motor burn-out.  After a little modifications, the second flight proved to be perfect.

Sarah returned from her university studies to launch a few rockets.  She launched her Flyin Lion only to find it land in the highest part of a tree and could not be retrieved

Thomas gave his Superbird a work out with six launches on C motors.  Andrew launched his first dual deploy rocket.  Everything went perfectly.  Nicely done, Andrew.

There were many visitors and Ari, Blake and Warren were kept busy explaining the wonders of the hobby to them.

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