November 2013 Launch

Well, the predicted inclement weather didn’t transpire.  We were greeted with clear skies and a top temperature of 31 degrees. The cows were back at our launch site so there was no shortage of flies.  Petar did a great job of heading them off at one stage as they stampeded towards the open gate with freedom in mind.

There were 31 launches, some of them great and some of them ‘interesting’.

George’s Red Dog was a little off course and had to be rescued from a dam on the other side of Cedar Grove Road.

Jeff flew his two stage Quantum Leap on I motors.  Unfortunately, the electronics popped the chutes as soon as the second stage ignited.  The second stage became a ‘sky writer’ for some seconds before returning to earth safely.  The booster electronics battery disconnected itself and it came in hard, taking a core sample.

Larry flew his great looking 7.5” V2 on K power on its maiden flight.  Both chutes popped out at apogee instead the normal dual deploy.  It was a slow but safe descent.

We actually had a quite good turn up considering the heat.  There were many new members enthusiastically launching.

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