March 2012 Launch Report

Today was a big day doesn't matter how I look at it. 

There were some rain clouds hanging around the "edges" specially early in the morning but they never came our way and day turned out to be perfect for rocketry.

Did we have few bet. This would have been our second biggest crowd, around 1000+ people. 

The number of rockets being launched was high and it will be interesting to see how many actually once George does his "thing" with the launch cards.

No doubt about highlights of the day : Austin's ( Rob helped a bit) Pokemon rocket was so cool and his 100th launch, well done young man and the dad too ! Then the last launch of the day was 3 way drag race between Blake, Cart and Matthew on J350's. Looked cool as they all took off around the same time. 

Congrat's to Matt for his successful L2 attempt and I must say I feel real bad for Cart as his came in ballistic. 

Special news of the day : 1) Petar Nikolic and Len Forsyth were presented with life time memberships for their contribution to QRS. Huge congrat's to both fine gentlemen, well deserved indeed. 

Then Rob, Suzanne and Austin were presented with a A3 size "card" with QRS logo and it was signed by as many members as possible....this because the family is leaving us for a while. We all will miss them real bad, nicest people you could meet. They will always be part of us and I trust they'll be back.

Huge thank's to all those who helped and they are too many to even mention.

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