Launch Report – 14 March 2010

Rocket cafe was a huge success and really helped take the load off the members. Also, a huge thanks to the guys that helped out at the gate, also to those that helped with the usual duties of LCO, RSO, setup and dismantling.

Also, the channel 10 crew were out to record a few more segments to be shown later on this year. A huge congratulations to Rob and Austin for being the star Father and Son team to get your 5 minutes of fame!

We had 39 launches, with the below motor impulses.

A x 0
B x 5
C x 9
D x 7
E x 1
F x 3
G x 8
H x 3
I x  1
J x 2

Also, a couple of the guys have purchased MD80 cameras. Check out these videos they have posted;

Ashley's Alien on a H128:

Simon's HyperLoc300 on an I364 Black Max:

Lets look forward to a much dryer launch next month!!!

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