Launch Report – 10 April 2011

You couldn't ask for more perfect rocket launch weather with clear skies and no wind.

It was quite cool at just after 6am and I really shouldn't have hurried to get there as next person ( George) got there 40 minutes lonely there before that.  

It was a nice relaxed launch with relaxed pace. I was still surprised that while picking up my "IO" after launch I counted 34 cars. Many visitors turned up and we had around 100 people there after all.

I know that we had one person join on a day while two others told me that they will take on the hobby for sure.  

Many cool flights took the skies and Ashleys hybrid sounded and looked real cool. It performed a great flight. 

Nic's "SIDESHOW" went straight as an arrow for a great 2 flights....WWW will be next for this speedster.  

There were couple of mishaps and I feel for Stewart whose rocket didn't deploy at all. Another unusual event was George's modified Cheetah which did a short sky writing stunt...cause for either of these wasn't figured out on site. I'm sure they will be well researched for the cause of failure.

We most likely had one of the lowest launch count for a while but it was all good and another great day of rocketry.

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