July 2017 Launch Report

What a magnificent day it was today at our "Flames, Smoke & Noise" Spectacular launch! We could not have asked for more perfect conditions with next to no clouds, cool dense air and absolutely no wind until almost lunch time. Conditions were so perfect for flying in fact when we arrived on site to setup there were EIGHT hot air balloons aloft! We’ve not seen that many up before.

There were large numbers of public in attendance with vehicles lining both sides of our access track all the way out to the gate as well as down the side of the road, and with 108 launches for the day, the many members that attended did not fail to entertain!

The Fly it Take it program was once again a big hit with all 50 rockets selling out quick and there was a good spread of motor sizes for the day with 50xA, 5xB, 24xC, 8xD, 1xE, 3xF, 10xG, 2xH, 4xI, 2xJ, 2xK and 1xM. The largest motor for the day was Ari Piirainen’s “Oz Thunder” on an M1500 Mojave Green to 4500 feet and the smallest motor for the day (excluding the 50 FITI) was actually a draw between five members with B6-4’s.

Jim Lawes launched his “Katana 3” on a J357 Blue Streak for a picture-perfect Level 2 certification flight. Well done Jim!
Thanks to Australian Rocketry for kindly donating a “MFR Model Rocket Set” that was raffled off and won by lucky spectators Gia and Hugo, their dad will soon become a rocket scientist helping them assemble it.

Phil and Julie were surprised when they were called up to LCO table and presented a plaque each in appreciation of their continued support to the Queensland Rocketry Society. Congratulations Phil and Julie and thank you!

Thank you to all members for ‘showing up and showing off’ and making todays launch a fantastic success! Also a big thank you to those members that tirelessly worked behind the scenes at the gate, on the barbeque, manning the FITI stand, running the raffle and those that arrived early to help setup and remained behind to help pack up.

See you all next launch!

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