July 2013 Launch Report

The morning started quite gloomy with quite a bit if cloud hanging around.  The cloud remained for the entire launch schedule, with some light drizzle.  This was not enough to deter the launchers or the crowds.

We were able to maintain a full launch program despite the fact that cloud restricted our launch ceiling to about 1500ft for a short time.  Approximately 800 spectators turned up for the morning.

Ross from Victoria, Asher from WA and Craig from New Zealand attended as welcome guests.  Despite the gloomy and cool conditions, Craig commented that it was still warmer then back home.

It was also nice to catch up with Brian, one of the QRS founding members.

53 rockets took to the skies ranging from A to M motors.  It was great to see so many of the members involved in multiple launches.  There were even a few trial members who joined and launched for the first time.

Dean and Larry launched a couple of J and K power rockets which provided great entertainment for the crowd.

One of the feature events for the day was the drag race of the blue (Wildboy) and pink (Majestic) ‘crayon’ rockets on G76 motors. After an entertaining build-up of the boys verses girls race, the rockets were launched jointly by Shannon and Greg.  Both rockets launched almost simultaneously and descended under pink/blue parachutes (as you would expect).  We’re not too sure who won the race but it was supported with great enthusiasm from the crowd.

We ran a raffle also with a LPR kit and packet of motors including a free launch with QRS as a prize.  About 200 tickets were sold thanks to the efforts of Shirley and Garry.  Gemma won the raffle and was truly ecstatic to receive the prize.  We’re hoping to see her at the August launch to try out her new rocket.

The highlight of the day was the launch of Ari’s Oz Thunder rocket on a M1297 motor.  The rocket had to be set up further away than normal due to the motor size.  Even with the threatening skies, we’re happy to report that the rocket had a text book launch and recovery.  The roar, exhaust colour, smoke and slow lift off had the crowd gasping.  There was a quite a walk involved to retrieve it but it came back without a scratch.

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