Join QRS

The QRS Inc has a membership to suit most people who are interested in rocketry. Most people join as a Flying Member in order to fly rockets at the club's monthly launch events. If you are interested in rocketry and following QRS Inc but don't wish to fly rockets yourself then you are welcome to become a Social Member. Social members receive access to all the information and invitations to club functions. If you would like to just come along just to watch then feel free to do so at any of our public launch days. If you enjoy a launch event as a spectator you may wish to support the club with a simple gold coin donation.

Membership options

Flying MemberFlying Members receive all club benefits including access to information, invitations to club functions and active participation in rocket launching activities at QRS launch events.
There are no monthly launch fees.


Please note: All flying Members will also need to be a member of Tripoli Rocketry Association.
Members wishing to fly high power rockets (generally H motors or greater) will also be required to attain the relevant HPR certification and explosives license and security clearance.



Social MemberSocial/Supporting Members receive the benefits of access to information and invitations to club functions but cannot actively participate in rocket launching activities.


Guest LaunchGuests can launch their own rockets with QRS for a launch fee, provided evidence of TRA membership can be produced.


Sponsored LaunchIf a non-member brings their own low power rocket and would like to fly it before joining, a one-day sponsorship can be provided whereby a member will supervise and act as a responsible party for the launch of the rocket. The rocket may be launched up to 3 times.


If you would prefer to manually fill out a membership form and/or pay by cheque, cash or direct deposit, please download the PDF Membership Form. *Requires Adobe Reader to view.

The benefits of joining QRS Inc as a Flying Member include:

- Use of the club’s launch equipment
- Fly rockets up to 5,000 feet at the club’s Cedar Grove launch site
- Fly rockets up to 120,000 feet at the club’s Tarawera launch site
- The club can arrange government permits to launch high-power rockets
- Fly next to members with years of experience who can help you build and fly rockets
- Coverage by public liability insurance up to $20,000,000
- Access to the controlled monthly member launches
- Launch days conducted under the requirements of AMRS/TRA safety code
- Available to rocketeers wanting to launch low, medium or high powered rockets
- Quarterly newsletter
- Access to the QRS mentor scheme
- Access to the low power rocketry awards program
- Access to technical and procedural information on the members section of the QRS website
- Access to information packs
- QRS apparel and other merchandise including achievement badges available for purchase including patches recognizing High Power Certifications and flight count milestones, QRS t-shirts and badges