February 2018 Launch Report

With the mercury topping the 30’s, another exceptionally hot and humid day didn’t stop a respectable 35 launches and even a few members of the public coming along for a look. Almost exclusively a low and mid powered day, motors used were: 2xA, 8xB, 8xC, 4xD, 2xE, 2xF, 7xG and 2xH.

There were many spectacular launches, unfortunately including six abnormal flights, ranging from undersized motors to CATOs.
Rob kicked things off launching his “Cyclone XC” to 1700 feet on a G127 followed by Oliver with “The Dartty Dad” on a C11-3 that unfortunately only reached an altitude of approximately 50 feet before lawn darting just before the ejection charge deployed.

Blake launched his “Sighter 65” to 1200 feet on a G80 and Rod launched his “Pitt Bull” to 1200 feet on a H42. Andy drag raced himself, flying his “Rocket from Hell” vs “Ferrari of the Sky” on C6-5’s (Andy won).

Robbie had an unfortunate G79 motor CATO that saw airframe separation on the pad followed by the motor casing being jettisoned, leaving burning propellant grains inside his rocket. The quantum tubing rapidly succumbed to the flames and was sadly destroyed. Keep your head up mate, we look forward to seeing what you build to replace “X-Caliber”.

Rob and Mark had a mid-power drag race, launching the “Cyclone XC” vs Mark’s “Callisto” on G100 and G53’s respectfully. Mark was a clear winner.
Warren brought along a highly sophisticated prototype for a test launch on a H175 that unfortunately was not as stable as he may have liked, we wont reveal too much as it’s back to the drawing board for Warren to use todays test flight to further the special project.

Lachlan brought along the world’s most unstable rocket, “FUIC” (an empty iced coffee carton with an 18mm motor mount glued into it) and flew it on an A8-5 to approximately 20 feet before it submitted to gravity.

Paul flew his “Blizzard” a respectable four times in quick succession on B6-4’s to 400 feet.

As usual thanks to our setup / pack up volunteers and see you next time!

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