February 2015 Launch Report

Well, today’s launch was close to perfect conditions.  It was about 28°C, clear blue skies (for most of the morning) with not much wind.  Tracking rockets was relatively easy.  Thirty nine rockets were launched from A – K motors.  Larry brought along his modified launch trailer replete with Australian flag.  He had added stabilisers making it rock solid when fully deployed.  It is a great asset and well utilised by QRS members.

Bruce ground tested the ejection charge performance for his new rocket in preparation for his L3 attempt at Thunda.  It all went according to plan.  Jeff launched his Ganymede on a K650 to 3,600ft as a final test launch prior to his L3 attempt at Thunda.

A number of new members launched their rockets on C and D motors for the first time and were happy with the results.  They were even happier when most of them landed relatively close to the launch site for ease of recovery.  Thomas launched his tiny Sky Dart on an A3 to about 150ft.

Blake’s Drag Queen Prototype took off with urgency on an I280 and was retrieved after a long walk.  The rocket was being tested to determine performance for the drag race at Thunda.  I can say that it looked very ‘competitive’.  Larry’s Expediter lofted to 2,130ft but seemed to linger in the air for ages in recovery mode.  There were several Callisto rockets launched on various motors with great results.  It is obviously a popular choice for many developing rocketeers.

Rowland had a number of attempts getting his C motor cluster Raw Eject into the air.  He experimented with the launch arrangement and got it functioning right in the end.   The maiden flight of Mark’s Sudden Rush looked impressive on an I195.  He is experimenting with electronic deployment and having great results.

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