December 2017 Launch Report

A respectable member turnout for our final launch day of the year saw 42 launches, followed by our AGM and a complimentary BBQ. There was a perfect balance of low and medium-powered flights with impulse ranges being: 1xA, 9xB, 10xC, 5xD, 1xE, 4xF, 4xG, 5xH and 3xOther.

Warren got us into the festive spirit with his highly decorated “Christmas Angel” rocket flying to 1000ft on a H125. With several meters of tinsel attached to the airframe and an angel decoration atop the nose cone, the fantastic looking rocket glistened all the way to apogee and back again. Catalina also brought along a festive rocket; “Santa’s Hat”; that was red in colour and sported a pom-pom atop the nose cone.

Alex launched his “Now You See It” into low earth orbit on a D21-7. With a lift off weight of only 58g, it almost teleported to its apogee of 1800ft!

Mark and Matt Parsons had a spectacular V-Max drag race that required a video referee to determine the winner (Congratulations to Matt!)

Calum brought along his “T-65 X-Wing”; this time sporting fresh decals; for yet another successful flight.

Mark O’Donoghue has really taken his ‘odd rocs’ to the next level, bringing along his new “DDC 629.4” (a ‘skeletal’ framed rocket with no ‘skin’) and the “Mega Spinning Blades of Death” (a 3 grain 29mm CTI case with a three-bladed rotor attached to base). They both flew perfectly for their maiden flights, well done Mark.

In a first for a QRS launch, Tharn brought along his “Fizz Rocket” that utilises an acid/base neutralisation reaction as it’s form of propulsion. The diminutive rocket stands 3 inches tall and only reaches an altitude of 16ft but was very unique in that the fact that it utilises bicarbonate soda and white vinegar as propellant. A measured amount of the soda was placed into the launch pad and a larger amount of vinegar placed into the plastic rocket. The rocket and launch pad were then pressed together and within a few seconds a chemical reaction had produced enough gas to force the two apart, launching the rocket.

Thank you to all who attended the launch and AGM and to our BBQ volunteers: Julie, Talina and Petar.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from QRS and See you all in January!

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