Report – Logan “Grand Fiesta”

Events at the festival kicked-off at 12:00 noon, but the crowd really started to build around 2:00pm.  The festival marquees were quite widely dispersed around the gardens, so it was difficult to get a true picture of the size of the crowds.The QRS presentation included 16 rockets on static display.  We were also showing photographs, electronics, rocket motors, technical drawings, rocketry kits, a cut-away rocket and a 6-minute video of rocket launches.  We also handed flyers to anyone who seemed genuinely interested.  All up, we spoke in-depth with more than 100 people who are keen to come to the next public launch day on 8th June.  About 12-15 people said they were interested in rocketry as a hobby.  Although we wanted to reach an even greater audience, a whole lot more people now know what model rocketry is all about, where they can see rockets in action and how they can get involved.

One of the big hits of the display was an opportunity to play with Mike’s foam pump-action rocket.  Lockie and some other kids had a great time; and that’s what rocketry is all about.

We packed-up just before 4:00pm.  Everyone went home that afternoon very happy to have raised the profile of model rocketry in Queensland.

The Queensland Rocketry Society would like to thank Katherine Buchanan, Projects Officer with the Logan City Council, for inviting us to participate in the Grand Fiesta and helping us raise the profile of this great pastime.



QRS TShirts

Queensland Rocketry TShirts have now arrived and are available at launches or by mail.

QRS TShirts                  QRS TShirts

Support QRS by purchasing one of our fantastic TShirts which also look great with the QRS Patches. The shirts are only $22.50 and available in all sizes.

Please Contact Ari by email or phone to organise a QRS TShirt or grab one at the next launch. Thanks for your support and happy flying 🙂

Hobby One Display 13 Oct 2007

Original Article 15/09/2007

"Queensland Rocketry Society is holding a display of "Rocketry Open Day" on Sat. 13 October 07 at HOBBY ONE, Creek rd, Mt.Gravatt East, from 12.30pm till 3pm.

Come and meet some of the rocketeers and get up close with rockets that can fly over 5km high. Have your questions answered and learn how easy it really is to get into rocketry. Keep an eye out for Hypertec Hybrid System and HyperLOC 1600 which are more than impressive.

Hobby One are generouolsy giving away a launch kit which will be raffled on the day between all attendees.*

*Excludes QRS members (sorry but this is to make it fair)"

2007 Youth Aerospace Forum

On the evening of July 2, Peter Scott and Petar Nikolic made a presentation on behalf of the Qld Rocketry Society to 50 year 11 and 12 students attending the 2007 Qld Youth Aerospace Forum at The University of Queensland.  

The students came from all parts of the state including Townsville, Goondiwindi, Gympie as well as locally. Some also came from Northern NSW. 

A number of different sized rockets were shown. The mechanics of how rockets are fired and recovered was discussed. Many questions were asked by the students showing a keen interest in rocketry. All were invited to come along to one of our meets. Pamphlets with the club’s details were handed out.   

It was suggested that those students who weren’t local, might like to form a chapter of the Qld Rocketry Society in their home towns. Help was offered for those students interested. 

This forum was a great avenue for getting the word out about the enjoyment of rocketry as a hobby. We look forward to next year’s forum.

Homer Hickam Greeting

After speaking over recent times with Linda Hickam, the QRS was fortunate enough to receive a personally signed photo from Homer Hickam himself.

It reads: To the Rocket Girls and Rocket Boys and Rocket Dog of The Queensland Rocketry Society - Keep Aiming High! Homer Hickam

QRS Flyer

Read about Homer and his incredible journey at

New Launch Site Confirmed

The Queensland Rocketry Society, has just secured a new Launch Site which is only 10min up the road from Launch Site 1 and 150acres of pure flat rocketry goodness. This new area will allow for Mid to High power rockets to be flown with ease.

QRS Flyer

A couple of the guys visited the location to seek permission from the owner who seemed very excited about letting QRS launch from his fields 🙂 We will be starting to use this field straight away and will update the Launch Dates page to show which fields will be used and on what dates. Keep checking to make sure you have the correct field and for information on how to get there. Click for Launch Dates & Gallery

QRS Flyer           QRS Flyer

QRS Flyer

Keep an eye out for the QRS Flyers getting around the hobby shops. If your local hobby shop sells rockets or anything relating to rockets (motors/parts/space things etc.) and doesnt have flyers, let us know. We can either talk directly to them or send you the high quality image to print out. (Actual flyer is A6)

QRS Flyer

QRS Terms & Conditions / Model Rocket Safety Code

As a member of the Queensland Rocketry Society (QRS), I understand that the QRS is not able to assume liability of any kind with regards to my activities or the activities of others. I agree to pursue my rocketry activities in conformance with the Association's By-laws and Safety Code, and that I will be an active member of the Society to the best of my ability. 

1. CONSTRUCTION:Model Rocket will be made of light weight materials such as paper, wood, rubber and plastic, without any metal as structural parts.


2. ENGINES:Use only pre-loaded factory made NAR certified rocket engines in a manner as recommended by the manufacturer. Do not alter or dismantle model rocket engines or their ingredients in any way or attempt to re-load these engines.


3. RECOVERY:I will use a recovery system in my rockets that will return them safely to the ground so that they may be flown again. I will use only flame resistant wadding in my rockets.


4. WEIGHT LIMITS:Model rockets will weigh no more than 1500 grams (53 oz) at lift-off and the engines will contain no more than 125 grams (4.4 oz) of propellant. My model rockets will use the engines recommended by the manufacturer of my rocket.


5. STABILTY:Check the stability of your model rocket before it’s first flight, except when launching rockets of proven stability.


6. PAYLOADS:Model rockets must never carry live animals or payloads that are intended to be flammable or explosive.


7. LAUNCH AREA:Launch model rocket outdoors in a cleared area, free of tall trees, power lines and buildings. Ensure that people in the vicinity are aware of the pending rocket launch and are in a position to see the rocket lift off before your audible 5 second countdown.


8. LAUNCHER:Model rockets are only to be launched from a launch rod or other device that provides rigid guidance until the rocket has reached a speed adequate to ensure a safe flight path. To prevent accidental eye injury, always place the launcher so that the end of the rod is above eye level or cap the end of the rod when approaching it. Launch pads should be capped or dismantled when not in use and should never be stored in an upright position. Launch pads must have a jet deflector that prevents the engine exhaust from hitting the ground directly. Always clear the ground around the launch device of any easily combustible material such as dry grass or dead weeds.


9. IGNITION SYSTEMS:The system used to launch a model rocket must be remotely controlled and electrically operated and will contain a launching switch that will return to ‘off ’ when released. The system will contain a removable safety interlock in series with the firing switch. When launching, all persons will remain at least 15’ (5 meters) away from the model rocket when igniting engines totaling more than 30 N-sec total impulse. Use only electrical igniters which will ignite the rocket engine within 1 second of activation of the launch system.


10. LAUNCH SAFETY:Do not allow anybody to approach a model rocket on a launcher until you have made sure that the safety interlock has been removed or the battery disconnected from the launcher. In the event of a misfire, wait 1 minute before allowing anybody to approach the launcher.


11. FLYING CONDITIONS:Only launch a model rocket when the wind is less than 32kmh (20mph). Model rockets are not to be launched into cloud. Model rockets are not to be launched when aircraft are in the vicinity or if they pose a hazard to other people or property.


12. PRE-LAUNCH TESTS:When conducting research activities with un-proven designs or methods, you will, when possible, determine their reliability through pre-launch tests. Conduct launchings of unproven designs in complete isolation from persons not participating in the actual launchings.


13. LAUNCH ANGLE:Rockets will not be launched so their flight path will carry them against targets. Any launch device will be pointed within 30degrees of vertical. Never use model rocket engines to propel any device horizontally.


14. RECOVERY HAZARDS:Do not attempt to recover a model rocket that becomes entangled in power lines or any other hazard.     


15. LAUNCH SITES:It is prohibited to launch a model rocket in an aircraft flight zone or within 5 kilometers of an airport.


16. ALTITUDE LIMITATIONS:It is prohibited to launch a model rocket higher than 400 feet above ground level in controlled air space, except in an area approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, or in accordance with air traffic control clearance.