Beaudesert Primary School Visit

On Friday 27th November, Petar Nikolic and Blake Nikolic had the pleasure of presenting a talk to the Year 3 students of Beaudesert Primary about rockets and space travel.

beaudesertprimary6  beaudesertprimary7


We were impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the students, their attentiveness and how well behaved they were.  The students had been studying a unit on space travel and rockets.  The effort the students have put into this project and enjoyment shown by them is indeed a credit to the motivation provided by Leonie Armstrong and her fellow year 3 teachers.

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The students made a variety of model rockets that were propelled by air, water and chemical power.  Some students even made costumes as scientists or astronauts.  After our presentation and live firing of some model rockets, the students demonstrated to us how their rockets worked.  The morning’s activities culminated in a morning tea consisting of food with a space theme.

beaudesertprimary4  beaudesertprimary5

This obviously was a wonderful and meaningful learning experience for the students.  Petar is a retired science/maths teacher.  In his words: “It is pleasing to see the work of the dedicated staff at Beaudesert Primary.  I thank Leonie for contacting us and allowing us to be part of this enriching experience.







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