August 2013 Launch Report

The day started off with heavy fog at the launch site (all over South East Queensland, for that matter).  We couldn’t even see the site just 50 metres in from the main road.  It was calm and cool.  The foggy conditions may have contributed to the reduced number of rocketeers for the day.

We set up and waited!  In the meantime, the opportunity was taken to discuss QRS matters with the members.

About 1.5 hours after the normal start time, the fog had lifted enough to commence launching.  The day turned out to be perfect for launching with clear blue skies and no wind.  Only rocketeers could appreciate the beautiful sight of a rocket’s smoke trail against a crystal blue sky.  The low wind conditions meant that no one had to walk any great distance for retrieval (another benefit for rocketeers).

Everyone made up for the lost time with 41 rockets launched in the remaining hours.  There were many LPR launches with scratch built and kit models.  It was great to see the younger rocketeers showing off their rockets and returning many times to relaunch them.

Whilst an ‘I’ motor was the highest power to be presented, there were eight of them launched.

So, after a rather dreary start, the day turned out to be a great experience for all.

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