Ari heading off to LDRS 27

Ari said: "I'm going to study very closely all about dual deployment and everything involving the use of altimeters. Basically anything that is HPR (high power rocketry). Meeting of Board of Directors from the Tripoli Rocketry Association is high on the list too. At the same time I naturally want to enjoy the actual launches happening and looking forward to all that for sure."

One of the highlights this year will be a 1/25th scale Saturn V rocket. It stands 15 feet high, weighs 89Kg and is expected to reach about 4,000 feet altitude. We understand why Ari exclaimed: "I'm already drooling... badly!"

David Wilkins from Victoria and David Couzens from Western Australia are also attending LDRS this year.

Check out the LDRS 27 website for more details: (new window)

You can view some highlights from last year’s LDRS event on this short movie from Liberty Launch Systems:

* LDRS stands for "Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships".

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