April 2018 Launch Report

One wouldn’t have thought that it was an overcast and rainy start to the morning, with conditions turning the complete opposite to blue skies and sunny during the first 30 minutes of proceedings.

36 rockets took to the skies on the following motors: 6xA, 7xB, 11xC, 3xD, 2xE, 2xF, 3xG, 1xH and 1xK.

Some notable flights include Stacey launching “The Big Pineapple” on a C6-5 to 1000ft. Phil launched his “Big Daddy” on an E22 to 1000ft from his fantastic vintage Aerotech launch pad. Mackenzie had a few good flights of “Bumble Bee” on C6-5 before it sadly spiraled out of control and struck the ground on its last launch.

Stacey and Jason brought two ex- Fly it-Take it rockets back, this time painted in fantastic liveries and named “Fred” and “Dave”. They were both launched with huge thrust margins on B6-4’s sending “Fred” to tickle the moon. Unfortunately, “Dave” took a turn (quite literally) and ‘came in hot’ on a perfectly horizontal trajectory.

Sebastian launched “Kim Jong Fun” on a D12-7 to 1200ft and Havana launched her “Rainbow Sparkles Unicorn-1” on a C6-5 to 700ft, two successful unique designs, well done guys.

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