March 2016 Launch Report

Our March "advertised launch" took place on an overcast day, the rain holding off until pack up after midday. The conditions kept the number of visitors down but in spite of this, the launch schedule was busy with a total of 53 launches for the morning. The bulk of the activity was low power with a total of 41 launches which included 20 launches in the "Fly It, Take It" program run by Warren with the assistance of Phil. There were 6 medium power and 6 high power launches.

Cam MacDiarmid achieved his L1 certification on his rocket "David Bowie" flying on a Cesaroni H90. Not content with the complication of certifying on a custom design, Cam also utilised dual deployment instead of the simpler motor deployment. Great job Cam, congratulations!

New member Lachlan Thomas ("Digit" on the forum) successfully launched his new rocket "Laika" 3 times and also launched the smallest rocket of the day, his diminutive 3 inch "Mosquito" on a 1/2 A3 motor.

Most prolific launcher was again Mark O'Donoghue with 6 launches on 5 rockets ranging in power from a 1/2 A3 to a G131. Most unusual rocket of the day would have to be Riley's 2 motor cluster "Hermes" which he flew twice on C6-5 power. This featured off-set upper & lower body tubes and different sized lower fins. Largest flight of the day was Andrew's full size "Rapier Missile" on a K360 which unfortunately suffered a broken fin when the main parachute didn't deploy.

Another great day of rocketry enjoyed by everyone!

February 2016 Launch Report

The day turned out to be magnificent rocket launching weather with a cloudless sky and the early morning breeze dying away by mid morning. Despite only a moderate turnout, there were 45 launches for the morning. The bulk of the flights were low/medium with 9 high power flights, several longer term members dusting off old rockets that hadn't flown for years.

The most prolific launcher was Mark O'Donoghue who had 9 flights which ranged from his tiny "Lucky 7" on an A10-3 to the largest motor of the day with an I 180 in his scratch built rocket "Midnight Nightmare".

Blake wasn't far behind in the multiple launch stakes with 7 launches to test his 2 new SCR kits. He flew the diminutive "Bug" taking the smallest motor of the day with an A8-5 and going up to C6-5. The "Sand Storm" made 4 flights on motors from E31-6 up to an H163-9, both flying well.

Jeremy made multiple water rocket flights including a 2 stage launch. There were several maiden flights including Warrens "Mr 1" on a G80 and Adams "Velocitas", a Wildman Blackhawk copy on a G54. Warren and Adam also had a Calisto drag race, both on H123 Sparkies and as is usually the case, the winner is still in dispute.

Another great rocketry day.

January 2016 Launch Report

Another great launch day, a little warm at 31 degrees and with the usual flocks of flies but no wind. There were 33 launches for the day, a good number as January is usually a quiet launch month.

The biggest motor for the day was Ivan's rocket "L2" which flew to 4800' on a K530 Smokey Sam.

Joseph Turner achieved his L1 on his Calisto called "JAJI Aerospace" flying on an H133, congratulations Joseph. The rest of the turner clan, Mum Anna and sons Isaac & Jeremy also flew a rocket each.

Calisto's seemed to be the flavor of the day with 5 Calisto's making 6 flights. Adam flew on a G57, Joseph on a H133, Warren on an H159 and a G106, Roland on a G77 and Ole on a hugely fast IMAX 348.

David Thomson, a newcomer made his very first rocket flight with his pretty black, gold & white Loc Precision "Norad" which he flew on a G68. Jeremy made 3 water rocket flights including a 2 stage attempt. Matt flew his Viper 3 cluster rocket on 3 E20's and both Roland and Adam flew 2 stage rockets. Adam also successfully flew his scratch built postal rocket "Hyperion" which featured a solid wooden nose cone.

A very enjoyable morning and a great start to the launch year.