September 2016 Launch Report

It was a superb launch day after the proceeding two days of storms. There were many new faces, some trial memberships and new members. Most prolific launchers were new members, brother and sister Robbie and Alexa. Robbie launched his rocket "Red Tip" 5 times and Alexa also launched her purple and pink rocket "Girl Power" 5 times. This is reflected in the types of rockets launched with 24 LP and 3 MP of the total 36 launches for the morning.

There were 2 successful Level 1 High Power certification flights for the day. Serge flew his Calisto "Red Devil" to 3000 feet on an H133 and Riley flew his rocket "You'll Clean That Up When You're Finished" to 2000 feet on an H125. Congratulations guys!

Warren flew his 54mm Minimum Diameter "Light Saber" airframe that he set a single impulse 'L' motor record with and has now had drastic surgery. The new "cut & shut" version is now 600mm shorter and is called "Light Saber Short". Warren intends to break his own record at Westmar in 3 weeks time with a 28 - 29K feet flight.

Roland had an interesting CATO on his AMRAAM "Mini BBX" which the club managed to get a series of photo's of. The rocket began to lift off normally but then slipped back down the rail with a rapid series of puffs of brown smoke from the side of the rocket, quite spectacular. Roland did have much better luck with his two other launches, his Calisto on an H90 and a scratch built LP 2 stage rocket "Zenith 2".

Yet another great launch day with lots of activity.