May 2016 Launch Report

Absolutely perfect launch conditions, not a cloud in the sky making tracking rockets easy and not a breath of wind although reasonably warm in the late 20's.

There were 28 flights for the day, 10 high power, 7 medium power, 10 low power and 1 water rocket. Calisto's were flavor of the day with 7 flights, again demonstrating their versatility flying on motors ranging from Josh Anthony's G54 to Stewart Crisp's I204.

There were 4 successful certification flights for the day. Stewart Crisp achieved his L1 flying his yellow Calisto "Banana Split" on an H87 and then followed up with a flight in the same rocket but powered by an I204 to 4000". Jamie Anderson also earned his L1 flying his Calisto on an H133 as did Rowland Noakes flying a Calisto on an H163. Mario Cendo from QRS North Qld achieved his L2 flying his Hyperloc 835 on a J410, congratulations to all who certified.

The installation of a launch button on the Wilson Launch system created additional excitement particularly for visiting children who got the chance to launch members rockets hopefully igniting a future passion for rocketry.