March 2016 Launch Report

Our March "advertised launch" took place on an overcast day, the rain holding off until pack up after midday. The conditions kept the number of visitors down but in spite of this, the launch schedule was busy with a total of 53 launches for the morning. The bulk of the activity was low power with a total of 41 launches which included 20 launches in the "Fly It, Take It" program run by Warren with the assistance of Phil. There were 6 medium power and 6 high power launches.

Cam MacDiarmid achieved his L1 certification on his rocket "David Bowie" flying on a Cesaroni H90. Not content with the complication of certifying on a custom design, Cam also utilised dual deployment instead of the simpler motor deployment. Great job Cam, congratulations!

New member Lachlan Thomas ("Digit" on the forum) successfully launched his new rocket "Laika" 3 times and also launched the smallest rocket of the day, his diminutive 3 inch "Mosquito" on a 1/2 A3 motor.

Most prolific launcher was again Mark O'Donoghue with 6 launches on 5 rockets ranging in power from a 1/2 A3 to a G131. Most unusual rocket of the day would have to be Riley's 2 motor cluster "Hermes" which he flew twice on C6-5 power. This featured off-set upper & lower body tubes and different sized lower fins. Largest flight of the day was Andrew's full size "Rapier Missile" on a K360 which unfortunately suffered a broken fin when the main parachute didn't deploy.

Another great day of rocketry enjoyed by everyone!