November 2015 Launch Report

The day started out a little cloudy with temperature around 24 degrees. As the day progressed, the cloud cover increased and finished off around midday with rain. However, there were some great launches.

There were 28 launches on A to J motors. We think that the reduced number of rocketeers attending was due to the previous week of daily torrential storms in South East Queensland. Most were happy to stay at home and dry out.

Three fly-it, take-it participants from the October launch attended and launched their LPR rockers, this time on B motors and were thrilled with the results. Hope to see them back again at future launches.

Abby, Mason and Ben all launched their new rockets on B6-4 motors. Abby couldn't find her rocket after the launch and went home disappointed. However, it was retrieved later by others searching for their rockets. We hope to have Abby and her rocket reunited sometime soon.

Elisha's scratch built Quicksilver scorched off the launch pad on a H400 VMAX to 1,800ft.

Matt and Natan El had an unusual drag race. Matt launched his 2.8 kg PML Endeavour on a H143. Natan El launched her 520 gm Galaxy on a G64. The rules of the drag race were never well defined but they both reckon that they won.

There were two successful AMRS level 2 HPR certification attempts. Mark O'Donoghue launched his Midnight Lightning on a J335 to 4,300ft. and Elisha Schuster launched his Quicksilver on a J425 to 4,500ft. Both flyers had single deploy recovery and had long recovery walks but Elisha had the added burden of a heavy rain shower to content with. Doesn't really matter when you get your L2 cert.

Andrew's Mini Magg lifted off with an impressive I180 skidmark to 2,00ft. Stewart gave his Quicksilver a run on G64.