August 2015 Launch Report

We started the day with overcast sky, some wind and cool 10 degrees. The cloud cover increased as the day progressed making rocket tracking a little difficult.

We commenced the day with Petar providing information about the layout of the new equipment trailer and an instruction on setting up the Wilson FX launch controller.  After that, the launches commenced.  There were 30 launches for the day ranging from A to I power motors.  There were a pleasing number of new spectators (about 60) including some who had signed up for trial membership.  Petar and Blake were kept busy providing instruction on the wonders of rocketry.

It was pleasing to see members George, the Parsons boys and Mike attend after a lengthy absence from the regular program.

Andrew launched his Torrent on an I212 Smokey Sam to 2,200ft.

Mark achieved his level 1 HPR certification with his rocket Separation Anxiety on a H143 motor on the second attempt.  Congratulations Mark!

Jack had trouble lighting up his G77 Redline motor for his Herf AMRAAM 2.  It took four attempts to tame the pesky igniter.  It resulted in a great flight and recovery.

Cam launched his two stage rocket called Batman & Robin on D12 booster to C6-4 sustainer for a nice flight and recovery.

Asher launched his retro rocket called 1959 Version 2 75% on H54 for a great launch but sadly, the parachute did not deploy.

Patrick put up The Devastator Mk2 (this is quite a light and small rocket) on G64.  It leapt from the launch rail and shot upwards at a startling rate.

Lily-Ana successfully launched her Rookie and Terminator rockets on C6-5 motors.