April 2015 Launch Report

We had a great April launch with clear blue skies, little wind and comfortable 26°C.  Initially, the cows were frequent visitors to the launch site but having satisfied their curiosity, they moved on (leaving a few deposits for us to navigate around).  Forty rockets were launched from 1/2 A to J motors.

The day commenced with a club briefing to recount the successes and experiences of the March ARTDU 2015 launch and to undertake the ceremonial ‘forehead branding’ that traditionally accompanies L3 achievement.

The Schuster family made their way south from Gin Gin as spectators but left as members after launching their Barracuda rocket.

Four rocketeers achieved their HPR certifications including Sarah Miller (L1), Jack Hellier (L1), Phil Entwistle (L2) and Mark Johannessen (L2).

Ole’s Callisto took off on a H399 at a startling pace but didn’t make apogee before disintegrating.

Matt’s PML Endeavour lifted off on an I195.  Unfortunately the motor casing was ejected and thought to be lost to the tall grass.  But, before the end of the day, someone had retrieved it whilst searching for their rocket and returned it to the happy owner.

There was a drag race between brothers Caelum (with rocket Imperial Flight) and Zigby (with rocket Ballistic Chicken) on C6-5 motors.  They took off in different directions but powered up to approximately 1,000ft.  No one quite knows who won but it was a great challenge.  Caelum’s flight card noted that the rocket was ‘going into highperdrive’.

Mark’s Tiny lifted off on its maiden flight on a ½A motor for a perfect launch.  The biggest motor for the day was a J335 which lifted Phil’s Blue Thunder to 2,200ft.  The highest flight was from Larry’s ¼ Patriot which lofted to 3.500ft.

Ian returned after being absent from a number of launches and launched his 1/40 scale scratch built V2 to 600ft.