January 2015 Launch Report

Launch day was a steamy 28°C with lots of clouds but no wind.  There were 25 launches for the day.  Not as many as usual.  We assume that, because it is January, many would still be on holidays (probably at the beach).

Matthew spent a long time searching for his AMRAAM in the long grass after a launch.  When he finally found it, it was reloaded and launched and he achieved his AMRS Level 1 certification.  Congratulations Matthew!

Bruce achieved ‘closest-to-the-pin’ recovery when his MR-1 landed a few metres from the launch pad after a perfect flight.  Ole launched his Callisto on a H233 motor to 3,900ft.  It was a fast and loud.  Maybe this motor should be a mandatory launch experience for all Callisto owners.

There were two contenders for the largest motor for the day.  One was an I212 that launched Mark’s Patriot to 1,500ft.  The second was an I345 that lifted Bruce’s Warrior to 3,300ft.

Mark also launched his Onyx but with less success as the motor did not seem to have a clean burn.

Warren’s Screaming Soda Coke bottle rocket had another successful launch on a D12.  Adam’s two stage Air Commander had another successful flight also on D12’s.

There were a number of visitors who attended and were amazed at the activities.