December 2014 Launch Report

Temperature was a pleasant 26°C with some gusting breezes.  There were 24 launches for the day, including a number of low power staged rockets.  It was pleasant conditions for launching.

There were a number of visitors attending for the first time and Petar was kept busy explaining the wonders of the hobby to them.  Jeremy was one of the first timers but brought along his home-made water rockets and launch kits.  This was interesting for many of the members as they had never seen water rockets launch before.  He had one successful flight and promises to be back.

Andrew launched his Torrent on a J270 and gained his level 2 certification.  It was a perfect launch and recovery – well done, Andrew.  Nic launched his TCMAC on a G80 motor but it ‘disappeared’ after the launch (an malfunctioning GPS tracker didn’t help).  An hour or so later ‘hawkeye’ Warren discovered it about a kilometre away and returned it to a grateful owner.

The largest motor used was a J335 in Larry’s Mongoose.  It lifted to 4,500ft.

It was pleasing to see so many junior rocketeers successfully launching their home made and kit creations

We welcomed first-timer Adam who launched his two stage Air Commander a number of times.