October 2014 Launch Report

We had great weather for our October Skies launch.  Little wind, some cloud cover and about 25°C.

After all the publicity we were able to muster for this launch, not just radio interviews but number of newspaper articles, the crowds were smaller than expected for our advertised launches – we estimate about 150 people.  They participated in the raffle, devoured the sausage sizzle and generally enjoyed the day.

But the good news was the quality of launches was brilliant and the crowd loved it.  There were 50 launches for the morning.

Dean launched his Darkstar on L power motor to 4,500ft.  It was a spectacular launch and the recovery was perfect.  Larry launched his Gemini on twin H118 motors.  He then launched his 7½” diameter V2 rocket to 2,740ft.  The Niejalke family members all seemed to launch a rocket each.  Bruce’s Quicksilver lifted off on a Vmax motor.  The burn time was very short but it reached apogee in a very short time.

Warren was busy all morning conducting the Southern Cross Rocketry Fly-it, Take-it program for budding young rocketeers.   Thirteen youngsters prepared and launched their Junior rockets.  This was their first foray into rocketry.  The inaugural program proved very successful.  There were many happy young rocketeers around that day.  Well done, Warren and thanks to Southern Cross Rocketry for the rockets and motors.

Two presentations took place during the morning.  The first involved the awarding of honorary membership to Councillor Trevina Schwarz and local farmer Michael Christoffel and family for their continuous support of QRS activities.  The second was to 15 QRS members who were awarded QRS lapel pins for five year membership.

It was truly a great day of rocketry combined with great weather and enthusiastic crowd.

A special thank you goes to all volunteers as without your help events like this will not happen.