September 2014 Launch Report

Temperature was a pleasant 19°C with no rain and little wind. There were some distant fog patches snaking around the mountain ranges and a hot air balloon landed in a field close by.  It was a great day for launching.

The day actually started slowly but within couple of hours there were around 30 cars at our launch site.  There were 20 launches for the day including one cluster.

New members, Andrew had a successful launch of his Torrent on a G60 even with a late parachute deployment.  New member Thomas gave his Farside rocket a good run by launching it six times on C motors.

Glen had good results with his unusual looking scratch-built Orion and Viper rockets on B motors.  Oliver finally got his Tardis into the air on a D21 after a few false starts with a dodgy Copperhead igniter.

Jeff’s Callisto and George’s Red Dog were launched with nosecone-mounted BRB 900 trackers to gain some experience with the device.  Phil launched his Explorer to 2000 feet with a H133 motor.  Ole also used a Callisto for his launch with a H163 for a text book launch.  His Danish support team were there to undertake retrieval duties.

Matt launched his LOC Viper 3 with 3x E20-7W motors for a real nice launch and recovery even with a bit of a "cork screw" in the boost phase.

Warren’s D Region Tomahawk lifted doff on a J400SS and was the largest motor launched for the day.  It went straight as an arrow and dual deploy worked as it should.

Next launch is our annual OCTOBER SKIES open day launch.  It is the premier launch event on the calendar.  We hope to have as many members present launching their special rockets.