August 2014 Launch Report

After a few days of solid rain in South East Queensland, it eased up enough for us to conduct the launch.  There were blue skies with lots of cloud around and some gusting breezes but not enough to slow down the launch program (the ground was wet but the sky was fine).  The wet weather did, however, keep many away.

This was the first members' launch back at the LA2 site for some months.  It was good to be back.

There were 19 launches, mainly LPR.  The largest motor launched was a H110.

Jeff spent time in the recently plowed nearby corn field searching for his AMRAAM 3 gaining in height as the sticky dirt built up under his shoes.  Warren tested out his GPS tracking device in his Callisto.  Blake launched his SCR Junior on a D21 winning the fastest-off-the-rail award.  Larry gave his Tiny Pterodactyl a workout with three launches on different F and G motors.  Matt launched his cluster Viper III on three E12 motors.  Andrew pushed his Weasel and Rapier rockets along on F motors.

Looking forward to seeing  everyone back for the September launch.