July 2014 Launch Report

The July launch was conducted at the alternate site thanks to kind permission of farmer Michael.  It was a crisp 4°C at the start of the day but we had clear blue skies with some minor wind gusts.  Today gave us another opportunity to show many new visitors what rocketry is all about.  Many kids from the audience got to push the launch button and that is always exciting for them.

The number of visitors was pleasing and two new members signed up.  A number of rocketeers were at the launch conducting trial runs for the August AYRC.

There were 43 launches from A to K power motors including one two-stage launch.  Matt launched his 3D printed rocket called 3D Dominator on a C6-5.  It was a little unstable but very entertaining.  He intends to improve the design and get it successful.  He then backed it up with the launch of the Extreme Wildman which lifted to 3,000ft on a K2045.

A number of rockets found their way into the unfriendly corn field but, thankfully, all were retrieved.

Tristan’s Skylofter launch card stated that he was “flying a lego man to the moon”.

Congratulations to Ole and Ivan who both achieved their Level 1 AMRS certification with their Callisto rockets.