May 2014 Launch Report

The morning broke with mild temperatures, scattered clouds and threatening showers but we experienced fine, windless conditions for the entire launch program.

We utilised our secondary launch site again thanks to the generosity of farmer Michael.  It was green from recent plantings and was perfectly flat - great for recoveries.

The day started with local rural fire service providing a short instruction on first-response fire fighting.  This was well received with a number of members attending.  This is part of the continuing program to ensure safe launch procedures.

It was a relatively quiet morning with 17 launches, mainly LPR.  Great to see so many visitors attend .  Warren and Matt entertained the crowd with the launch of their 'I' motor sparky rockets.

Mark launched his Hi Flyer, the smallest rocket of the day on an A8 motor.  Unfortunately it descended  into a tree and remains there.  Ole launched his Callisto on its maiden flight.  It had a great flight but landed some distance away.  His whole family were there to give him some Danish celebratory cheer.  George went for a long walk through the cow paddocks to retrieve it.

The launch of Matt's Flying Dutchman was his first using the dual-deploy recovery system.  It performed perfectly - well done Matt!

Jack gave his Speed Freak a work-out by launching it several times on 'C' motors.