April 2014 Launch Report

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Launch day was cloudy throughout but there was little wind and the temperature was a pleasant 25 degrees (or thereabouts).  We conducted the launch at farmer Michael's recently plowed field (just up the road from our normal site).  Michael has been a great supporter of the QRS.  Whilst the ground was a little rough, the field was huge and perfectly flat with no trees to content with.
We started the day with a meeting for the members to discuss a number of issues and then got down to business.We had a nice turn up for a small launch and special visitor all the way from Ingham, Mario with some of his friends.  It was great to meet Mario and he was going for his L1 certification launch.  The launch was nice and straight with perfect deployment.  Unfortunately the rocket suffered a cracked fin. Better luck at your next attempt, Mario.

There were 27 rockets launched with a number of new members taking advantage of the great launch conditions.

It was great to see Mike ('wingnut' on the forum) again.  He had a busy morning prepping his own rocket and those of his daughter, nephews and brother-in-law.  The whole family had a great morning of launching.

You can catch Mike's video of his 4" Thor flight on forum.  It was the largest motor rocket launched on the day.

Caelum's rocket unfortunately made a bee-line for the dreaded corn field and took some finding.

Bruce launched his Apogee glider.  This is an unusual rocket that turns into a glider for the recovery stage.  They are small rockets made from balsa wood but take some skill to construct and balance.  It performed well.

We packed up at around midday just in time for the rain to start - perfect timing!