April 2013 Launch

After all that rain on Sat, it was so nice to see clear blue skies in the morning of the launch.  The decision was made to proceed.  The previous day's wet conditions probably kept a few members away but still had around 50 people attending.

The day couldn't be much better for rocketry with mostly calm and very little wind. Temp's around +27c but it wasn't really humid.  The dirt access road was muddy and the field it self quite soggy (some recovery trips were testing) were but not bad so we launched rockets - 43 in fact!

It was great to see Victorian Tripoli member Karl ( "Karlos") join us for a launch and he launched his awesome Red Bull rocket for a perfect launch and recovery.

Sadly Karl's other launch, the V2, went beautifully up but came in ballistic.  It was recovered with help from Simon.  The fin can is all usable so Karl will repair it and it will take to the skies again. Many comments were made that this was quite usual for many early (and even some latter) V2 launches.

A variety of rockets took to the skies and one of the cool one's was Jeff's scratch built 3 x 29mm cluster which did a beautiful flight from beginning to the end. Congrat's to you Jeff!

Dean had his brand new Wildman Dark Star there and he used K500 for it to go - and it sure did a great job. That was a text book launch from liftoff to landing.  Well done, Dean!

Over all it was a great day of rocketry indeed with a good group of rocketeers as well as a few visitors.