Launch Report – 16 May 2010

Report by Ari Piirainen

We had a another brilliant launch today on the 16th May.  Overnight, light cloud cover enveloped the skies and kept the temperatures cool all day  Launching got off to fairly slow start, but boy, did it pick up as the day progressed.  There was basically no wind, which was great.

Even though this was a non-advertised launch event, we had a healthy crowd of around 100 there.  It's brilliant to see so many new members launching their rockets and having a blast doing it.  Also, 3 new people got their application forms and that's allways a good thing.

Many, many great flights took to the skies but there is lack of photos now as our resident photographer.

Alex, George and Deane each had perfect HPR launches with dual deployment.  All worked perfectly.  Well done guy's!

Cart and I both managed a special misfortune of hanging our rockets on to the power lines, one after the other.

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who helped with the set-up and packing-up.  Without those volunteers, no one flies. Thank you to all QRS members who attended.  Without you there wouldn't be this fantastic club around.  It was a good day of rocketry.  The rocket motor count was as follows:QRS Street Sign

A 1
B 10
C 26
D 10
E 11
F 4
G 9
H 1
I 1
J 3

To our interstate friends and those who couldn't be there: After 4 month campaign to local councillor and Logan City Council, I'm very proud to announce that QRS now has a permanent directional sign at the intersection of the Mount Lindsay Highway and Cedar Grove Road.  I think that is pretty cool.