Caloundra School Talk


The group was smallest we have spoken to, only 16 students but all are studying aerospace so it was right up their alley. You could see the interest in the young mens eyes as I spoke to them about this awesome hobby. I have no doubt that there will be few wanting to get into the hobby. 

We ended up launching the 'ol Patriot which went perfectly as possible, landing just few meters from the launch pad.

There was few questions that we answered to the best of our ability.

It was nice to see the principal there listening too and seemed genuinely interested asking many questions himself. Actually the funny thing is that towards the end he told my wife he "better get back to work" and then appearing back in few minutes !! It shows what was more interesting. Also the deputy principal turned up and others. Thank's to Bruce who spoke to them at length. I had a head cold and and voice started to give up so that was much appreciated mate.