Launch Report 14 Feb 2010

I really hope the cornfields will yeild their treasure real soon. I'll contact Michael about it too even though I hope all who lost their rockets did go and see him.

It was cool to have the "Rocket Cafe" there and it will be real handy next month with the public launch.

Congrats to all who passed their L1's. I remember David and Bruce did theirs fine.I really felt for Wayne not being able to do his L2 due some tecnical problems. It will happen mate !

Blake, take a bow, that was awesome !!!! It couldn't have worked better.


There were 57 launches on the day.

A x 2
B x 7
C x 17
D x 4
E x 5
F x 6
G x 15
H x 5
I x 3 
J x 1

Those playing at home, the motors don't match up with number of launches 'cause there were few clusters.

Thanks to all who gave a hand during the setup and dismanteling. At the March one we need all the help we can !