Faith Lutheran College Visit

On Friday 30th October, Ari Piirainen, Blake Nikolic, George Dobson and Brendan Pratt travelled over to Faith Lutheran College at Victoria Point to deliver another rocketry presentation to the local school students.

Faith Lutheran College

Over 500 students and staff came to hear about various rocketry topics.  Another 100 students wanted to attend but couldn't make it due to some other activity.  This was our biggest school audience to date.

Each representative from the Queensland Rocketry Society answered dozens of questions from the young enquiring minds.  We also had a privilege of joining all the teachers for morning tea.  They really made us fell welcome!  This is another school which basically can't wait to get a rocketry programme up and going.

Faith Lutheran College

The deputy principal of Faith Lutheran College, who arranged this visit has also invited Ari to speak on 17th November at an upcoming Rotary Club.  This is a special night where the member’s families are tending and will have an opportunity to hear all about this awesome hobby!

October 2009 Launch

There were so many brilliant flights and many cert. flights. Big congrat's go to George who got his L2 with a perfect flight and recovery.

Ashley and Trevor both got their L1 ( am I missing someone ?).

I think all of us at QRS feel really bad for our comrade Chris whose attempts to gain L1 failed due to mainly deployment problems. This man builds intricate and beaut rockets. We know you get it next time.

What a cool drag race between Simon and Blake using J power !

Was good to see Mike getting couple of rockets up there after few months break and they went perfect.

Intimidator 4 did a perfect flight but for what ever reason the droque and main deployed at apogee and I haven't had the time to start figuring out why ? Only problem with that was a quite a long walk. Rocket was in perfect condition. Big thank's Simon for assistance.

Huge thanks to Whipfest who spent all morning at our launch and helped me in number of cases including the recovery. It was good to see you again mate !

Thank's Alex for your assistance also.
Here is the amazing part : As I was towing the trailer up the hill at 12.15pm, the heavens opened up. Simon and I got soaked BUT not after the launch was over and done with !!!