QLD Government Supports Rocketry in Queensland

The Queensland Government has just announced that it will contribute over $7,000 to the Queensland Rocketry Society (Inc) to assist the club in its program of public launch days and other community outreach events.

This funding was provided as part of the Queensland Government's Gambling Community Benefit Fund.  The funds will be utilised for the purchase of a storage and transportation trailer, ground support equipment, a range laptop computer and various other items which will help improve the club’s rocketry events.  The Queensland Rocketry Society will acquire these assets over next few months.

We would like to thank the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, whose contribution has ensured the ongoing growth and success of hobby rocketry in Queensland.

The official website of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund is : http://www.olgr.qld.gov.au/grants/gcbf/index.shtml

Launch Reports


9th AUGUST 2009 (Members Launch)


At the 9th August members launch day a total of 17 members were flying rockets and five other members attended but didn’t launch.  A total of 69 motors were fired.  One new member joined the club on the day.

The motor count was as follows:
A – 5
B – 8
C – 13
D – 9
E – 14
F – 7
G – 7
H – 4
K – 1   (first K motor launched at the QRS)


11th JULY 2009 (Public Launch)


At the 11th July public launch day there where 63 launches, 11 of which were maiden flights.  There was our biggest crowd of spectators ever, with an estimated attendance of around 2,000 people.  Five new members joined the club on the day (or shortly there after).

The motor count was as follows:
A – 2
B – 4
C – 12
D – 7
E – 11
F – 9
G – 14
H – 1
I – 1
J – 2