Launch Report – 8th June 2008

Todays launch went off with very little dramas. We had another good crowd of spectators who came along to check out our obsession, some of which may have contracted our illness and will be back for more. We had approximately 100 to 150 people all up.

Although we only had eight members launching, we managed to get around thirty rockets in the air. Most of these were low powered flights, as the usual composite fliers were absent from this launch. Still, there were plenty of flights to make up for this.

Special thanks go to : Brendan for doing the grass again and not to mention photos. Petar and Len sharing RSO and LCO duties not to mention great commentary on the PA. It is so good to see our latest "recruits" like Jonathan, George with Taylor, Robin and Trevor doing most of the launches. Jonathan had an array of new rockets going up. Can't forget Asher as his rockets flew really well and this young man has come a long way in a short time, good on you mate.

All and all, another great day of rocketry for sure.

Thanks also go to Robin, George's "crew" and Jonathan for helping with the set up and dismanteling of the various pieces of launch gear.

Thanks to all who participated and we can look forward to the next one.

Forum thread (starting at posts made after the launch) and photos can be found here (new window).