Report – Logan “Grand Fiesta”

Events at the festival kicked-off at 12:00 noon, but the crowd really started to build around 2:00pm.  The festival marquees were quite widely dispersed around the gardens, so it was difficult to get a true picture of the size of the crowds.The QRS presentation included 16 rockets on static display.  We were also showing photographs, electronics, rocket motors, technical drawings, rocketry kits, a cut-away rocket and a 6-minute video of rocket launches.  We also handed flyers to anyone who seemed genuinely interested.  All up, we spoke in-depth with more than 100 people who are keen to come to the next public launch day on 8th June.  About 12-15 people said they were interested in rocketry as a hobby.  Although we wanted to reach an even greater audience, a whole lot more people now know what model rocketry is all about, where they can see rockets in action and how they can get involved.

One of the big hits of the display was an opportunity to play with Mike’s foam pump-action rocket.  Lockie and some other kids had a great time; and that’s what rocketry is all about.

We packed-up just before 4:00pm.  Everyone went home that afternoon very happy to have raised the profile of model rocketry in Queensland.

The Queensland Rocketry Society would like to thank Katherine Buchanan, Projects Officer with the Logan City Council, for inviting us to participate in the Grand Fiesta and helping us raise the profile of this great pastime.



Launch Report – 11 May 2008

Yet another great launch. A bit less hectic, which was a good change of pace. More people are venturing into the world of composite reloads. That first countdown certainly gets the ol' adrenalin pumping as you try and remember if you assembled everything correctly before pressing that big red button.
You can see the day in pictured in the photo gallery.  The forum thread can be found here (new window), starting at posts made after the launch.

Launch Report – 13 April 2008

This launch went off without a hitch thanks to the usual dedicated efforts of the QRS guys and girls. A great mix of low and mid power rockets were flown. We had a total of 43 flights, of which 27 were low power and 16 were mid power.

We would like to thank everyone for coming along and showing interest in our hobby, and hope to see you again at our future launches.

The gallery for this launch can be found here (new window), and the forum thread can be found here (new window), starting at posts made after the launch.