Hobby One Display 13 Oct 2007

Original Article 15/09/2007

"Queensland Rocketry Society is holding a display of "Rocketry Open Day" on Sat. 13 October 07 at HOBBY ONE, Creek rd, Mt.Gravatt East, from 12.30pm till 3pm.

Come and meet some of the rocketeers and get up close with rockets that can fly over 5km high. Have your questions answered and learn how easy it really is to get into rocketry. Keep an eye out for Hypertec Hybrid System and HyperLOC 1600 which are more than impressive.

Hobby One are generouolsy giving away a launch kit which will be raffled on the day between all attendees.*

*Excludes QRS members (sorry but this is to make it fair)"

Presidents Report 09 Sep 2007

Good to see the new guys at this launch...our membership is slowly growing.
mikeibis made a heart stopper of a flight with his Mercury Atlas! Shocked I would hate to see this beautiful vintage rocket damaged (or as Mike put it 'put back into kit form').
Also saw another excellent display of pitch/roll coupling today (I forget which rocket it was though, as long as it wasn't mine!)
Sumos Viper IV rocket with instant ignition of all 4 E9 motors with the gnarliest Wink cluster harness I have ever seen (it worked well though!). Heres a run down!

Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Peter Scott Skylark Sustainer D12-7
Ari Piiraine Bullpup A8-3
Peter Scott Skylark Sustainer D12-7
Shane Blue Ninja D12-5
Ari Piirainen Canadian Arrow D12-5
Simon Viper IV 4 x E9-6
Mike Groth Mercury Atlas D12-6
L Groth Pipsqueek B6-4
Monique Szmek Pipsqueek B6-4
Simon Alpha D12-7
Simon Big Daddy D12-7
Mike Groth Shuttle/Boost D12-4
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger B6-4
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Ari Piirainen Stormcaster D12-5
Logan Groth AGM-12D C6-5
Logan Groth Crossfire C6-5
Monique Szmek Pipsqueek C6-5
L Groth Pipsqueek A8-5
Mike Groth Shuttle/Boost C6-3

A special thanx to Brian...I liked the way you handled the LCO position admirably to suit the low-power flights. Simple and effective. And also a thanx to Petar Nikolic and Lochy on the tracking posts...sterling job guys!

All up good wholesome family fun!